Completely unique, with over one hundred thousand participants, hundreds of millions of pounds of scenery and landscape, extraordinary logistical resources and deep improvisational skills, Exeter Everyday will be the biggest celebration in the city's history and perhaps will become a model for similar festivals throughout the world.

Most festivals emphasise the unusual and the extraordinary. Very rarely is there an opportunity to acknowledge the everyday. Exeter Everyday is filling that gap with a week of day-long festivals celebrating different aspects of everyday life in Exeter. Anyone in the city can take part. It is not necessary to do anything special. Simply to take notice of the everyday, guided by or ignoring the theme of the day.

Every day the people here make and re-make their city, by the ways in which they use the city, travel across it, mark it, mend it, walk over it, write on it, work on and in and under it. This is a chance for us all to enjoy the unexceptional power we each wield every day.

Click here to download a poster to print off and display in the run-up to Exeter Everyday.

Monday 10 July 2006
Tuesday 11 July 2006
Wednesday 12 July 2006
Thursday 13 July 2006
Friday 14 July 2006
Saturday 15 July 2006
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