4 Screens #2: A Mis-Guide To Anywhere

Full Company

Dartmoor, Plymouth, Exeter, and Taunton
(June 2006)

A Mis-Guide To Anywhere draws attention to the differences and connections between places. It was created with an acute awareness of our own position in the world and the relative freedoms, as well as the perspectives that are particular to the UK. Can one, we ask, use a Mis-Guide 'anywhere'? We have challenged ourselves to contemplate creating 'walks' for places of restraint and allowing for differing scales, climate and terrain. We deliberately draw attention to the flows and exchanges between places, looking for 'wormholes' to elsewhere.

The 4 Screens series develops this interest in exchange and difference by situating four landscapes and four journeying experiences side by side, giving rise to unexpected parallels and contrasts between them. In 4 Screens #2, generated for PSi#12 Performing Rights, we each take a page from A Mis-Guide To Anywhere and use it to engage with four different places in the South West of England. Enlarged copies of the four pages ('Anywhere', Static Drift, Safari & Hometown) were installed alongside the projected split screen video as part in the Gallery Of Utopias.

None of these places presents extremes in terms of restriction or physical challenge. However, we invite the viewer to observe the different ways in which the spaces of supermarket, street, country park and docks are organised; to follow the line of a street lamp into an industrial crane or a tree; to zoom in on a dying newt one moment and to a map of the world another; to place the effort of climbing Hay Tor on a hot day alongside the stillness of the 'Static Drift'...

Commissioned for PSi#12 Performing Rights (School of English & Drama, Queen Mary University of London in collaboration with East End Collaborations, the Live Art Development Agency and Performance Studies International).