MIS-GUIDES (2003 - 2006)

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Mis-Guides are like no other guides you have ever used before. Rather than telling you where to go and what to see, a Mis-Guide gives you the ways to see your city or environment that no one else has found yet. A Mis-Guide is both a forged passport to your 'other' city and a new way of travelling a very familiar one. An essential part of the toolkit of any 21st Century survivor.

A Mis-Guide often takes the form of a guide book or a map. It suggests a series of walks and points of observation and contemplation within a particular town, city or landscape. Unlike an ordinary guide book, it is guided by the practice of mytho-geography, which places the fictional, fanciful, fragile and personal on equal terms with 'factual', municipal history. Author and walker become partners in ascribing significance to place.




North, South, East, West (2007)

Simultaneous Drift (4 walks, 4 routes, 4 screens) (2006)

4 Screens #2: A Mis-Guide To Anywhere (2006)

A Mis-Guide To Anywhere (2006)

4 Mis-Guided Tours (2006)

4 Screens #1: Simultaneous Drift (2005)

A Manifesto for a New Walking Culture: 'dealing with the city' (2005)

Mis-guided in Zürich - mind the MAP (2005)

Subverting the City: A Mis-Guide to Milton Keynes (2005)

Mis-guiding the City Walker (2004)

Blue Boy Walks (2004)

A Courtauld Mis-Guide (2003)

An Exeter Mis-Guide (2003)

Lost Tours 2 (2003)

Lost Tours 1 (2003)

Stack (2003)

tEXt & the city (2002)

First Sketch for An Exeter Mis-Guide (2001)

The Dig (2000)

Out of Place: The Politics of Site-Specific Performance in Contested Space (2000)

The Quay Thing (Main Season) (1998)

The Quay Thing (Pilot) (1998)