Mis-guided in Zürich - mind the MAP

Full Company

Zürich (September 2005)

What is a map for? Is it just to direct you to your destination? How many maps or cities are created with the walker in mind?

Can a map be used to take you to the unexpected city, the secret city that hides inside the familiar (or unfamiliar) place? Can the city reveal the map?

Mis-guided in Zürich - mind the MAP was a mapped, but unpredictable exploration of Zürich. Four Mis-Guides led a journey through a city they'd never visited before: the route was planned, but never walked or researched, in advance.

The walk was accompanied by A Manifesto for a New Walking Culture, presented as part of a plenary session on the following morning.

Commissioned for Everyday Walking Culture (the sixth international conference on walking in the 21st century, organised by Walk21. Made with assistance from Annette Spoerri from the City of Zürich and with reference to the new 'Mobil In Zürich Stadtpläne'.